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Main Office

509 Selkirk Avenue Winnipeg, Mb R2W 2M6 Phone: (204) 927-2333 Fax: (204) 582-2801

Dawn Sands Executive  Director 204-927-2331
Janice Goodman Community Development Director 204-927-2337
Karen Fox Finance Controller 204-927-2308
Simone Beaudet Administrative Human Resource Manager 204-927-2336
Muriel Lamy Receptionist 204-927-2333
Anthony Niiganii NE Youth Employment Faciliator 204-227-5685
Andrew Sannie Youth Recreation & Wellness Facilitator 204-396-5954
Jasmine Tara North End Food Security Network Coordinator 204-927-2342
Melissa McDonald North End Food Security Network Assistant 204-927-2342
Picnic in the Park Coordinator 204-927-2349
Jessie Leigh Dufferin Residents Association of Winnipeg, Community Worker 204-927-2340
Dale Harik Housing Program Manager 204-927-2343
 Tracey Proctor Housing Resource Coordinator 204-927-2341
Daniel Ranville TLC Coordinator 204-927-2334
Lindsay Schaitel TLC Assistant Coordinator 204-927-2335
Gord McIntyre Winnipeg Rental Network Coordinator 204-417-2110
Alana Ring-Woodard Outreach Worker ,Winnipeg Rental Network 204-417-2039
Deborah Epps Energy Advocate 204 998-7297
Building Construction Mentorship Program

607 Selkirk Ave
Winnipeg, Mb
R2W 2M8

Richard Gilbert BCMP Program Manager
Don Bellisle Safety Coordinator
Gina Parrado-Penuela Administrative Assistant
Citizens’ Bridge

607 Selkirk Ave-
Winnipeg, Mb
R2W 2M8
Fax: (204) 691-9716


Richard Gilbert Citizens’  Bridge – Manager
Diane Thomas Identification & Bank Accounts
204 691-9719
Eva-Marie Stewart Class 5 Driver Instructor
204 691-9718
Addie Mucha Identification and Bank Accounts

204 691-9720

North End Business Development Centre

607 Selkirk Avenue
Winnipeg, Mb
Phone:  (204) 927-2344  

Ed Medgyes Business Development Manager


PATH Employability Centre

627 Selkirk Avenue
Winnipeg, Mb
Phone: (204) 927-2300
Fax: (204) 582-7397

Cory Hall Employment Development Director
204 927-2302
Christine Burke
(on Leave)
Milestones Counsellor
Shaelene Demeria Milestones/Employment Counsellor
Cheyenne Brass Resource Receptionist
Jennifer Griffith Milestones Counsellor
Fatima Rodrigues Community Outreach Worker/Counsellor
Audrey Oman Job Developer/Facilitator
204 927-2303
Miranda McIvor Programs Manager
204 927-2304
Alex Jackson Program
204 927-2301

More Info

Thank you for your interest in North End Community Renewal Corporation.  Please let us know if you have any ideas or comments that will help us achieve our goal of improving the life of the residents of the great community.

Address: 509 Selkirk Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R2W 2M6
Phone: 204-927-2330
Fax: 204-582-2801
Business Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm Mon – Fri.

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