It’s fix-up grant time again!

If you live in William Whyte, North Point Douglas, St. John’s, Dufferin or Lord Selkirk Park there may be an exterior fix-up grant available for you. Please see individual criteria/application form for more information on your specific community. You can print an application off of here, or you should have one delivered to your mailbox between April 22nd and 29th. The application deadline is Friday May 8th at 4pm. If you have questions, please call Kali, the grant coordinator at 204-927-2341.

If you are a landlord (including if you live in one half of a duplex) there may also be grants available for you however there is a slightly different process. Please call Kali, the grant coordinator at 204-927-2341 to find out how to apply as a landlord.

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