NERI Grants

NECRC provides support towards the community’s revitalization and to meet its mandate. The following is a summary of the resources available to the community.

We offer several grant programs to assist residents and businesses to improve their properties and instill community pride.


Small Grant Fund

NERI Small Grants Fund

What are the NERI Small Grants?

The North End Revitalization Inc. (NERI) in partnership with the North End Community Renewal Corporation and the Province of Manitoba, has established a Small Grants Fund in the amount of $150,000.00 per year. The intake deadline for 2021 NERI Small Grants is March 10th, 2021.

All funding received must be spent by March 31st, 2021.

All reporting must be submitted no later than March 31st, 2021.

We strongly encourage interested applicants to apply for supplies or equipment that can be used for programming in the future or that can enhance your organizations capacity and/or overall operations.

Please submit applications electronically to Deborah Epps: If you have any questions or would like to discuss your grant application(s), please contact Deborah at 431-554-0506.


NERI 2021 Application Documents:

NERI application 2020-2021

Copy of NERI Expense Report 2021

NERI Report 2021


The NERI small grants fund is available to community groups in five North End neighbouhoods. These groups must be situated in or providing services in William Whyte, St. John’s, Dufferin, Lord Selkirk Park, and Point Douglas.
Eligible projects must assist in achieving local goals related to:

  1. community connecting,
  2. capacity building
  3.  well-being,
  4. stability or
  5. community economic development
  6. further the objectives of the North End five Year Plan Five Year.

The amount per application is $2,500.


Housing Grant

2020 Exterior Home Improvement Program (EHIP) Grants

The Exterior Home Improvement Program (EHIP) Grant aims to improve a property’s exterior quality, safety and appearance. The Point Douglas Residents Committee (PDRC) and the William Whyte Neighbourhood Association (WWNA), in partnership with North End Revitalization Incorporated (NERI) and the City of Winnipeg, are pleased to offer the grant program in the William Whyte and North Point Douglas communities.


EHIP forms here:

2020 EHIP Information

2020 EHIP Landlord Application


NECRC would also like to thank the City of Winnipeg for providing the funding to allow for the continuation of Exterior Home Improvement Program grants within the City designated North End Housing Improvement Zone (HIZ) communities of William Whyte and North Point Douglas.

Storefront Enhancement Grant

What is the Storefront Enhancement Grant Program?

North End Revitalization Incorporated (NERI), in cooperation with the North End BIZ, Selkirk Avenue BIZ, and the Between the Parks Business Association have established the Storefront Enhancement Grant (SEG) Program for local small businesses and non-profit agencies/organizations in the North End.  The SEG Program promotes local community investment by providing cost-shared non-repayable funding grants to eligible North End small businesses and non-profit agencies and organizations for exterior renovations to the frontage of their property (visible to passing traffic) that enhances the appearance, safety, and value of their property. The program is administered by the North End Business Development Centre.

SEG 2020 Storefront Application

Neighbourhood Renewal Fund

The Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NRF) assists neighbourhood organizations representing residents and other local interests, in strengthening local capacity and revitalizing designated neighbourhoods/communities through a broad range of locally planned and supported initiatives.