NECRC Leadership Transition Announcement:

March 3rd, 2021

It is with mixed emotion that the Board of Directors and staff at the North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) is sharing with you that Dawn Sands has announced her resignation as Executive Director of the North End Community Renewal Corporation and the North End Revitalization Inc.  After five years as Executive Director of both organizations, she will depart on March 12, 2021.

Dawn’s commitment to our organization’s mission, vision and values was instrumental in her effectively leading the implementation of the 5-Year Community Plan, building new relationships while maintaining existing ones with key stakeholders and supporting the completion of Merchants Corner Inc.  Please join us in thanking Dawn for her service and wishing her all the best in in her new role.

The board will launch an executive search process to find a suitable candidate to succeed Dawn as Executive Director.  In the meantime, we are pleased to announce the appointment Jessie Leigh as Acting Executive Director.  Jessie has held several roles with NECRC over her 15-year community development career with the last three years in senior leadership roles.  Jessie will remain in this capacity until a permanent replacement has been selected.


NECRC Response to Code Red Effective November 12/2020

We are still open during the Covid-19 pandemic but some of our services have had to adjust to new safety protocols at all locations. The safety and well-being of staff and the people we serve is a top priority for all NECRC programs. We have adapted our programming throughout the pandemic to ensure safe delivery and intend to continue while following Code Red guidelines. We are taking clients by appointment at all of our buildings. Drop-ins will be assessed on a case by case basis subject to staff availability and using covid-19 screening process. All buildings are locked to ensure proper access and allow for screening process to take place.

509 Selkirk – Tenant Landlord Cooperation (204)-927-2335. Support for evictions, utility disruptions and illegal lock-outs continues. Winnipeg RentNet (204) 417-2110. Not accepting drop-ins, RentSmart class delivery done virtually.
607 Selkirk – Citizens’ Bridge (204) 927-2332. Identification pickup by appointment. Walk-ins subject to space and urgency/need. Appointments are recommended. New clients/referrals are being accepted and provided an appointment time. Outreach is ongoing but limited to the Outreach Coordinator’s discretion. Driver Education classes and in car training cancelled until further notice. BCMP continues to operate.
627 Selkirk – PATH Employability Centre (204) 927-2300. Open for referrals from EIA. Appointment only. Walk-ins on a case by case basis and subject to space and urgency/need. Access to computers by appointment, limited duration when busy. Workshops are available online also. Gateway to Learning- Open but limited class size and duration.
Check out our Facebook page for ongoing info and updates!

North End Community Renewal Corporation Informs Public of Cybersecurity Incident


The North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) confirms that the Organization recently experienced a cybersecurity incident in which an unauthorized third-party encrypted a small amount of NECRC’s data and program files. Upon detection of the incident, NECRC immediately carried out countermeasures to minimize the encryption of its systems. As a result, only a small amount of information has been effected. Learn more…


Manitoba’s Residential Tenancies Branch advises that two measures put in place to help protect tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic will be extended until September 30th.

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Many employers don’t like the idea of their staff wearing anything casual to strive. They love shirts and ties, maybe teamed with a suit, but definitely a fantastic t shirt. This happens because the t shirt is synonymous with casual wear and therefore has been confined towards the leisure wear stakes for many years. However the humble t shirt has been trying to cross the invisible boundary into smart work wear for many 2011 is the time to get it done. If you are planning to use men’s ties like a fashion accessory and usually not as part of a formal outfit and another of perfect ties to select would be deemed as a skinny midnight tie this also pimp your style in a situation. Perfect with a white/grey shirt and generally lighter shades of shirt. Vinyl transfers are a high quality product that proven to last for more periods associated with. T-shirt printing companies in the united states that make use of this method provide for bigger tirupur businesses that wish to have their promotional items professional traditional. The method involves cutting the design or graphic out along with a special cutter and ironed on using a heat squash. If you want letters in printed during your t-shirt in vinyl, each letter would be cut out separately. The t-shirts could be washed too many times with almost no damage for the vinyl. What Are My Obligations? – Choosing a manufacturer in the united states will surely be more expensive than utilizing a foreign manufacturer. However, foreign manufacturers usually have high order minimums and tend to not along with... read more