Job Opportunities

The North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) is hiring for the Tenant Landlord Cooperation! Extended until Nov.19th, 2020.

What is the Tenant Landlord Cooperation?

The Tenant-Landlord Cooperation (TLC) is a team of housing advocates that work with landlords and tenants across the city to mediate tenancy conflict, ensure tenant and landlord rights are protected, and help tenants secure and maintain housing. Our work intersects with many different systems, including EIA, CFS, Justice, utility companies and the mental/physical healthcare systems. Our goal is to mitigate tenant-landlord conflict and improve tenant-landlord relationships where possible to ensure all tenants have ongoing access to safe, stable, and appropriate housing.

We are hiring:

TLC Advocate

Four (4) new TLC Advocates: TLC advocates provide direct advice, resources and advocacy support to tenants and landlords in conflict or crisis. We are looking for prospective employees with a working knowledge of the housing sector and the Residential Tenancies Branch (RTB), experience with direct advocacy for oppressed or marginalized communities, and the ability to problem-solve collaboratively across different organizations and sectors.

TLC Housing Placement Coordinator

One (1) new TLC Housing Placement Coordinator: provide hands-on support to tenants searching for safe, stable, and affordable housing. They will work alongside the TLC Advocates to: help tenants apply to social and private housing; provide advice and educational resources to tenants on best practices when searching for a new home; and manage relationships with TLC landlords to connect them with tenants that would fit their unit.  They will also be responsible for building increased tenant peer-to-peer capacity for managing housing issues in our community.


Please submit your resume and cover letter to by November 19th, 2020.

NECRC’s Building Construction Mentorship Program (BCMP)

Building Superintendent



4-5 positions available

Basic knowledge on maintenance, cleaning and repairs

Driver’s licence or the ability to provide your own transportation and travel within Winnipeg

Provide a Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse

2 positions available

A genuine interest in the field of painting

Responsible and reliable with a strong attention to detail

Provide a Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse

1 position available

Knowing the basics of clerical duties is an asset

Computer skills (Word, outlook, Excel)

Provide a Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse

Please contact our PATH Employability Centre  to sign up for an information session on these exciting training/employment opportunities. Please bring your resume and any other related documents to the information session as we may be looking to interview you on the spot!

Please contact PATH at 204-927-2300 if you are interested in the BCMP information session.