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Growing a financial community in Winnipeg’s North End

By Jason Halstead on December 21, 2018 Determination, hard work and partnerships have contributed to the revival of a neighbourhood that is steeped in history and pride. Assiniboine Credit Union’s North End branch at 360 McGregor Street opened nearly seven years ago in January 2012. At that time, mainstream banks had all but abandoned the neighbourhood — leaving fringe financial services like cheque-cashing and payday loan outlets as the only options for many. In the lead-up to the opening, ACU, along with the North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC), SEED Winnipeg and other organizations, set up the Community Financial Access Centre to better understand the neighbourhood’s needs. Citizens’ Bridge, which is part of NECRC, helps people acquire birth certificates so they can open accounts. “We work closely with ACU,” said Eva-Marie Stewart of Citizens’ Bridge. “When people are finding employment, many employers won’t take them on if they don’t have a bank account.” “We’ve worked with people up to two years trying to acquire birth certificates through Vital Statistics,” Stewart said. “Accessing a bank account is magical for some people. Some go decades without one and live with all the hardship that goes with that.” Read the full story here: Growing a financial community in Winnipeg’s North... read more

LITE Holiday Hamper creates employment opportunities in Winnipeg

December 20, 2018 4:21 pm By Eva Kovacs Community Producer  Global News A Winnipeg program that blends community volunteers with paid helpers to build and deliver holiday hampers, gives those involved lasting benefits. The Winnipeg hamper program supported by Local Investment Toward Employment (LITE) has a little twist. Eight people, including Brian Helgason, were hired to make 300 hampers through the North End Community Renewal Corporation.   Read the full story here:... read more

April 28, 2018 – Winnipeg Free Press – Winnipeg housing complex honoured nationally

The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association presented the North End Community Renewal Corporation with the Community Builder Award at a luncheon held during the 50th National Congress on Housing and Homelessness in Ottawa on April 26.   The award recognized the community impact that the Lord Selkirk Park Housing Project continues to have in the promotion of affordable housing and the prevention of homelessness within the North End of Winnipeg. By: Ligia Braidotti Posted: 05/28/2018 11:25 AM   Read the full article here: read more

Building An Arts & Culture Centre In The North End: Summary Launches

MEDIA RELEASE October 25, 2017 For Immediate Release BUILDING AN ARTS & CULTURE CENTRE IN THE NORTH END: SUMMARY LAUNCHES Winnipeg, MB –As a result of the consultations for the most recent North End Community Development Plan, the need for an Arts and Culture Centre in the North End was identified as a priority project. In late 2016 and early 2017 the North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) worked closely with community members and partners to establish the projects initial design, including centre’s vision, mission, guiding principles and the framework for a Five-Year Strategic Plan. This will provide clear direction and shape with guidance from our community, the Artists this centre will serve, and Arts organizations. Dawn Sands, executive director of NECRC is excited about the project’s potential. “Art and culture contribute greatly to the wellbeing of communities and creating a vibrant arts scene is integral to the North End’s revitalization goals. Winnipeg’s North End is home to Canada’s largest Urban Indigenous population as well as many new Canadians. Using a lens of art and culture as part of our community-led renewal efforts, offers a wonderful opportunity for us to foster meaningful and respectful relationships and rejuvenate our community together.” The summary is a snapshot of the work being done by the community through NECRC, and its intention is to attract some more capacity to the committee to move the project forward, and potential funders to continue the work of the project coordinator. “This centre will be the first of its kind in Winnipeg, and will serve as a beacon for Artists who feel disenfranchised from the Arts community.... read more

Province Announces New Single Portal To Access Community Development Programs

New Online Access Now Available: Clarke Following thorough review and consultations, the Manitoba government has revamped its community development programs and created a single portal for intake, assessment and awarding support, Indigenous and Municipal Relations Minister Eileen Clarke announced today. “We have heard from community groups and stakeholders alike, who told us to centralize the intake process and make it simpler to follow up on applications and approvals,” Clarke said.  “We’re going to focus on planning for better outcomes and support programs that build better communities or sustain important community efforts.” Core funding will continue for existing services, while the intake begins for new projects, the minister noted.  Applications will be accepted for funding from Community Places, Community Planning Assistance, Hometown Manitoba, Neighbourhoods Alive! – Community Initiatives, Neighbourhoods Alive! Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, and Partner 4 Growth. The minister said priority will be given to new applications focused on the following strategic areas: accessibility and reducing barriers for Manitobans of all ages, gender, cultural background, sexual identity, physical or mental ability or income; green space and active transportation such as parks, playgrounds and trails; and newcomer support, either through building on or encouraging involvement in the community. Application deadline is Sept. 11.  For more information, or to submit an application, visit  – 30... read more

June 23, 2017, Winnipeg Free Press – Mural’s message of hope, inspiration called heart-gripping

Kirby Boucher, 46, has attended services at Vineyard for 22 years and can’t help but smile at the beautiful mural he walks by every week. When he looks at the mural, Boucher sees hope for his community and for indigenous people around the world. “I see the heart and the colours of the nations helping each other to mend the broken hearts,” he said. “It’s telling everyone in the city that there can be peace and happiness here.” Full Article: By: Ben Waldman Posted: 06/23/2017 4:00 AM | Last Modified: 06/23/2017 10:21... read more

The Collective Impact of NRC’s and NRC Profile Report

NEWS RELEASE – WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, Tuesday, December 20, 2016 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   The Coalition of Manitoba Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (CMNRC) is excited to share this report highlighting our successes and collective impact across the Province.   Manitoba has one of the most promising models for community development in North America. Through the collective efforts of the CMNRC and in partnership with the Province, we have developed a long term community led development model that empowers residents to create healthy and sustainable communities.   The CMNRC was created in 2011 to bring together the thirteen Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (NRC) from across the Province. It was designed to provide a venue for NRCs to work collaboratively on planning, projects and initiatives of common interest. It has also become an important voice for the neighbourhoods and residents.  Each NRC takes a homegrown approach, as directed by their communities and have demonstrated that local decision making is the key to ensuring the success of programs and projects.     Collectively, we measure our success through four key areas: community led development, NRC’s as job creators, funds leveraged in the community and engaging community volunteers. Some of our highlights include: 558,027 community members engaged $30,963,163 leveraged in housing 1226 jobs created 54,281 families engaged   The CMNRC recognizes the need to review the current Community Development Strategy.  We believe that we can help to inform the conversation and our report aims to be the foundation of a partnership with the new Manitoba Government.  Our members remain committed to serving our communities and look forward to working with all of our stakeholders, funders, residents and... read more

July 29, 2016, Winnipeg Free Press – Local Article North End: Plaza of dreams

North End’s iconic Selkirk Avenue to become meeting place again “It took almost a decade, a determined group of residents, non-profits and city departments, and a little bit of luck. So in a way, the birth of the revamped Powers Plaza –  its first two phases are expected to be finished this year, the third by next summer – is also a resounding statement about resilience and evolution.” Article Copy: Plaza of dreams – Winnipeg Free Press Full article: By: Melissa Martin Posted: 07/29/2016 5:28 PM| Last Modified: 07/29/2016 9:43 PM | Comments:... read more

2016 July 27, Winnipeg FreePress The Times: NECRC and Bridge the Gap Social Media Contest Article

A North End project, “Bridge the Gap Winnipeg”, is partnering up with the North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) to give a deserving organization a $2,000 grant through a social media contest. Article copy: 2016 Summer Contest helps North End youth Full online news article: By: Ligia Braidotti Posted: 07/25/2016 9:27 AM | Comments:... read more
Bridge The Gap & NECRC Instagram Contest – Win $2,000

Bridge The Gap & NECRC Instagram Contest – Win $2,000

We at Bridge the Gap Winnipeg, along with the North End Community Renewal Corporation, are teaming up to reward a $2000 grant to a deserving North End organization for young people. The application process is simple. Use your smartphone to create and upload a “short video” application through Instagram called: “#How To Summer 2016”.  ... read more