Working with Community in a collaborative environment is the key to effective partnerships. A way to achieve goals of the community by sharing the workload or bringing together specific elements or strengths. Together we are a stronger community thanks to the following groups.

Aboriginal Youth Opportunities

AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities) is a youth movement from Winnipeg’s North End. We began in March 2010 and committed to making our voices heard.  We have developed relationships with organizations, media partners and businesses in order to empower each other. This group is simply young people volunteering and sharing their gifts with others, no paid staff, no building, no board of directors. We listen to the ideas of young people, resource them, and love them until they become reality.  We are committed to helping our North End to heal and will work with those who share our vision to provide ABORIGINAL YOUTH with more OPPORTUNITIES! For more information please visit

Aboriginal Visions

Aboriginal Vision for the North End was created to address the need for a renewal project that incorporates and honours the ideas of community members at a grassroots level. Aboriginal Vision for the North End serves as the vehicle for a strong and united Aboriginal voice in the North End of Winnipeg. Operating since 2004 with the guidance & leadership of a community-based steering committee & under the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre umbrella, Aboriginal Vision primarily focuses on the largest issues in our community: housing, leadership development & safety, pride & renewal. All of our programming is created and led by community members. By working alongside the community we create strong relationships and leadership as we work towards the common goal of a healthier & more holistic neighbourhood. If you have any ideas for new programs or activities that you would like to see happen in the North End, or if you would like to get involved with current programming, please stop by at 586 Selkirk Ave  or give us a call at 204.586.5940  or visit

Block by Block Initiative

The Block by Block Initiative is a platform for authentic collaboration that aims to improve community safety and social outcomes for families.  The objectives of this Initiative are to improve collaboration between sectors; to improve system policies and the delivery of government and community programs; and to increase agency and community engagement and capacity.

Thunderwing, the first project of the Block by Block Initiative, aims to increase community safety and improve family well-being in a 21 block area in the North End of Winnipeg (Salter to McGregor, Burrows to Dufferin).  By coordinating and mobilizing existing resources across sectors Thunderwing gives families the support they need so they can prevent and permanently stabilize crisis situations.  For more information contact Heather Leeman at 204 582-1657 or email

Winnipeg Boldness Project

The Winnipeg Boldness Project is a new initiative aiming to work alongside the North End community to improve outcomes for young children in the Point Douglas area. It is a child-centred early childhood development project that will bring together deep community wisdom and world-leading science in order to bring about large-scale change.

For more information on the project please email or call (204) 790-BOLD (2653).

Food Matters Manitoba

– its mission is to engage Manitoban’s towards healthy, fair and sustainable food for all. Its goals are a) To educate Manitobans about food security and the sustainability of food systems in Manitoba, b )To provide a common focus for action for food system stakeholders through the Manitoba Food Charter, c)To raise public awareness about food and food systems, d) To strengthen networks and partnerships to work together to address local food security issues and e)To strengthen the capacity of our organization and to advance food security work across Manitoba. For more information call LIsse at 927-2346 or visit


“LiveSafe is an integrated crime prevention strategy co-led by the Director of Community Services and the Chief of Police, the committee reports to the Standing Policy Committee on Protection and Community Services. Livesafe addresses the root cause of crime involving integrated and strategic action plans aimed at promoting the wellbeing of the community through social, economic, health, educational and recreational measures, with a particular emphasis on children and youth.  In working together, the three levels of government have agreed to:

  • Seek to align activities, resources and efforts among themselves to achieve the best possible outcomes;
  • Focus on activities and mechanisms that will contribute to agreed-upon outcomes;
  • Support processes that will develop sustainable solutions;
  • Focus on capacity-building to enable key sectors of the Aboriginal community in Winnipeg to take on more responsibility for service delivery;
  • Build on approaches that have been successful to date;
  • Involve key sectors of the Aboriginal community, Aboriginal organizations and other representatives of the Aboriginal community in the review and implementation of activities; and
  • Involve representatives of the private and general community sectors in the activities under the Memorandum of Collaboration.”. For more information please call Andrew at 204 927-2347 or email

Merchants Corner

– An exceptionally exciting development the Merchants Hotel, also know as “the Merch”, is now being redeveloped into an innovative educational and student housing complex with a retail component called Merchants Corner. The new facility will feature 30 units of affordable housing and will be an educational hub hosting the University of Winnipeg’s Department of Inner-City Studies and CEDA-Pathways to Education program. It will also include a common space, open to the community, in which literacy programming for preschoolers will be offered among many other activities.  For more information please visit

North End Food Security Network

– The North End Food Security Network is a network of North End organizations that aims to improve the health of North End residents by making our local food system more sustainable, accessible and equitable. It supports North End residents through various food security related workshops and programs, and reduction in chronic disease and promotes and educates healthy eating.  For more information call Jasmine at 204 927-2343 or visit

North End United

is a gathering of the ten (10) local resident’s associations working towards a stronger, safer and engaged community.  It meets regularly to discuss and consult on local projects and initiative’s such as community cleans up and major projects such as Merchants Corner.   For more information call Janice at 204 927-2337 or email

North End Community Helpers Network (NECHN)

North End Community Helpers Network (NECHN) is a unique blend of community members, volunteers, staff, and mentors working to improve the lives of those living in the North End of Winnipeg. This grassroots collaboration is seen as a community solution to supporting one another.  The group, originally founded in early 2007 as a support network for a few community members working at Aboriginal Vision for the North End, Native Women’s Transition Centre, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, and Mount Carmel Clinic, has rapidly grown to include upwards of 250 “helpers”, affiliated with more than 35 organizations/groups, and, including many valued community members.  It is now seen as an opportunity to collaborate and share – making our individual efforts stronger, by working together. For more information call 204 586-5940 or email or visit

North End Wellness Centre (Win Gardner Place)

– With a number of stakeholders working together guided by the community, the Centre represents a shared vision of community wellness. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of such organizations as, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg, North End Community Renewal Corporation, SPLASH Child Enrichment Centre, and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Win Gardner Place serves as a beacon of hope, inspiration and opportunity for North End residents.  For more information call Greg at 204 925-4486 visit

Winnipeg Rental Network

is a non-profit initiative providing a web-based database that makes it easier for people to find affordable rental housing.  The site is also a one-stop-shop for agencies that provide supports to people in the low to medium income range.  WRN is not a housing provider; it is a network of Public,   Private and Community-based organizations that work to improve accessibility to affordable rental accommodation.  The Network uses Median Market Rents, as determined by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), to establish an upper limit on what is deemed “affordable”. For more information email gord@ or call Gord McIntyre at 204 417-2110 or visit