NECRC continues to work in partnership with local neighbourhoods in helping make the NE a safer place to live, work and visit.

Bear Clan Patrol Inc.

NECRC is one of the many partners that supports the work of Bear Clan Patrol. Bear Clan walks the 21 block area in the North End of Winnipeg from Thursday to Sunday every week.

Today’s resurgence of the Bear Clan Patrol is in response to our communities need to protect its young women and children.

We have an established board that has been meeting since December 2014. The council includes three Elders from the original Bear Clan Patrol. The council formed in response to the expressed needs of the community for a safer, more secure environment.
The goalsĀ of the Patrol can be stated as being the restoration and maintenance of harmony within the community by promoting and providing safety, conflict resolution, mobile witnessing and crime prevention, maintaining a visible presence on the streets, providing an early response to situations, as well as providing rides, escorts and referrals. The Bear Clan does not arrest people, it does not go into people’s homes unless invited, or otherwise take action that is more appropriately the responsibility of the police.

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