Advantages of glass curtain wall LED display in building lighting project

The application of architectural glass in modern buildings is increasing, with more and more varieties and more complete functions. The application amount, application type and function of glass curtain wall in buildings can be used as a sign to evaluate the modernization degree of buildings. In particular, the decorative performance of LED display screens on architectural glass curtain walls can be said to be ever-changing. Without architectural glass, there will be no modern buildings. So what advantages does the glass curtain wall LED display have in the building lighting project?

1. High transparency, high light transmittance

The transmittance of the Aureida glass curtain wall led display (also known as “transparent led display”) can reach 65%-90%, and the thickness of each LED light strip is only 2mm, and the gaps between the light strips form a transparent effect . It is generally installed on the inside of the glass curtain wall of a commercial building, and the outdoor display is installed indoors, which completely breaks the limitations of the application of traditional LED displays on glass.

2. Simple structure and light weight

The glass curtain wall LED display adopts a hollow strip design. Compared with the traditional LED display box, its structure is more flexible. The size of the box can be customized in combination with the specific size of the glass to better fit the glass curtain wall and reduce the load. pressure. Taking the Aureida P16 glass curtain wall LED display as an example, the weight per square meter is only 10KG, which is one-fifth of the weight of a normal outdoor led display panels LED display box, and is very popular among lighting engineering customers.

Free photo artistic background wallpaper with color halftone effect3. Quick installation and easy maintenance

The structure of the glass curtain wall led display is relatively flexible, light in weight, and quick to install. The Aureida glass curtain wall LED display adopts the front maintenance method. When a certain LED light bar is damaged, only a single light bar needs to be replaced without replacing the entire module. The maintenance is completed indoors, with high efficiency and low cost.

4. Green and energy-saving, good heat dissipation performance

Due to its high transparency, no noise, low power consumption and other good performances, the glass curtain wall LED display does not need any auxiliary heat dissipation equipment, and can let the wind force it to dissipate heat naturally. When it plays video advertisements, the part of the playing content displays light, and the rest does not. It saves energy by more than 30% than conventional LED displays. This playback method can also reduce energy consumption and light pollution, which responds to the national energy conservation and emission reduction. call.

Glass curtain wall led display screens are generally installed in commercial buildings, shopping centers, banks, shopping malls, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings and other scenes. It has both the practicality of led display screens and certain aesthetics and concealment. Glass curtain wall LED display is a high-end building lighting product, which plays an irreplaceable role in modern urban building lighting projects.

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