Gateway to Literacy program opens

PATH Employability Centre is proud to present its newest program: Gateway to Literacy located at 563 Selkirk Avenue.
In concert with the pre-existing programs offered at PATH, the Gateway to Literacy Program is delivered based on individual learning plans, where participants will engage in activities designed to increase performance in the nine essential skills areas of

• Reading
• Document Use
• Numeracy
• Writing
• Oral Communication
• Working With Others
• Thinking
• Computer Use
• Continuous Learning

The nine essential skills provide the foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change.
Gateway to Literacy consists of two streams: Gateway to Essential Skills (a broad-based stream) and the Gateway to Pre-Employment (an integrated stream).
Gateway to Essential Skills is for participants who are seeking to become more independent and self-regulated learners.
After completing Gateway to Literacy, participants in the broad-based stream will

• be confident in their roles as learners
• believe that they can learn
• be competent in exploring, meeting and recognizing their individualized mode of learning
• believe that they are responsible for their own learning and behaviour
• be motivated to continuously grow and be ready to learn
Gateway to Pre-Employment is for participants who are current or potential future candidates for the demand led stream and been identified as individuals who would benefit from basic essential skills training through the assessment process.
Participants in the integrated stream will
• have stronger essential skills in the area that they require for future employment
• have increased performance in reading, writing, numeracy and document use; supplemented by training in oral communication, workplace collaboration, thinking strategies, computer use and continuous learning
• be prepared to engage in occupational specific essential skills training if required
Participants engage in learning activities in the specific areas that are required in order for them to meet their developmental goals, which will be outlined on their individualized plan.
Some individuals may engage in further activities through occupational specific essential skills training if selected into a project group based on suitability and industry demand.
Contact NECRC-PATH Employability Centre for more information. E-Mail at or by telephone 204-927-2300.