The North End Communities consistently identifies affordable quality housing as an overall rental strategy.  Our programs cultivate a sense of pride and community ownership in the unique neighbourhoods.

The purpose of NECRC/NERI’s housing department is to encourage the combined efforts of government, resident groups, and housing organizations to carry out strategic housing renewal in the North End of Winnipeg. While working together with housing partners, the objectives in 2011 were to:

Comprehend and coordinate the strategic development of housing within the North End
Update the housing plan priorities of William Whyte (WW) and North Point Douglas (NPD)
Administer Exterior Renovation Fix-Up grants through North End Revitalization Incorporated (NERI)

  • Assist Dufferin, St. John’s, and Lord Selkirk Park (LSP) residents in implementing their housing priorities
  • Assist other North End neighbourhoods in the development and implementation of housing renewal initiatives (e.g. LSP)
  • Encourage housing renewal initiatives within North End communities (e.g. Efficiency Manitoba’s Energy Efficiency Assistance Program, Housing Training Initiative, Tenant Landlord Cooperation, Winnipeg Rental Network, Building Construction Maintenance Program, and supporting B.U.I.L.D.)

NECRC facilitates many housing coordination activities for renewal and NERI administers various housing grants.  For more information please contact Lalonnie at 204-927-2341 or housinggrants@necrc.org.

Throughout 2012, NECRC has worked to support the communities of William Whyte and Dufferin in creating new five-year housing plans that would outline the vision the communities have for the future of their neighbourhoods. The consultation process, carried out by award winning planning firm BridgemanCollaborative Architecture under the direction of the William Whyte Residents Association and the Dufferin Residents Association of Winnipeg, was extensive in its efforts to gather community feedback and the resulting housing plans are guiding documents that reflect the likes and dislikes of local residents and presents the information in a clear and easy to understand format. Click the links below to see the 2013-2018 William Whyte and Dufferin Neighbourhood Housing Plans. For more information on the consultation process and the creation of the Dufferin and William Whyte Housing Plans, click on the Appendix below.

NECRC Housing Services program areas

Tenant Landlord Cooperation (TLC) Program

The TLC program is a direct advocacy program to help individuals understand their rights and responsibilities on rental issues. The program assists both tenants and landlords in resolving rental disputes. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a tenant (recovering damage deposit, illegal rent increase, requesting repairs, etc.) or your rights as a landlord (dealing with recovering costs for damages, limiting liabilities, screening tenants, etc.) Please contact:

TLC Team Lead – Lindsay ph: 204-927-2335 email: lindsay@necrc.org

Winnipeg Rental Network (WRN)

WRN is a non-profit initiative providing a web-based database that makes it easier for people to find affordable rental housing. The site is also a one-stop-shop for agencies that provide supports to people in the low to medium income range. WRN is not a housing provider; it is a network of Public, Private and Community-based organizations that work to improve accessibility to affordable rental accommodation. The Network uses Median Market Rents, as determined by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), to establish an upper limit on what is deemed “affordable”. For more information email Alana at alana@winnipegrentnet.ca.

As of December 31, 2022, all WRN platforms will be shutting down. It has been an honor and pleasure to support and serve the community for the past 10 years.  Our data and services will be revamped and merged under the umbrella of North End Community Renewal Corporation’s,(NECRC) platforms. All NECRC ‘s services for housing, have been restructured to better support, share resources, and serve community.



Neighbourhood Energy Efficiency Project

The Neighbourhood Energy Efficiency Project is an initiative designed to help Winnipeg’s North End residents access energy-saving upgrades that help lower their utility bills and improve their quality of housing. Through Efficiency Manitoba’s Energy Efficiency Assistance Program, qualifying homes can receive:

  • free insulation upgrades;
  • a new high-efficiency natural gas furnace installed for only $9.50/month for 5 years (for a total cost of $570) or a $3,000 rebate towards a high-efficiency natural gas boiler;
  • a free Home Energy Check-up; and
  • free energy savings items including a low-flow showerhead, faucet aerators, and LED bulbs.

This initiative is open to homeowners, tenants, and landlords. Homes located on blocks that are selected for the Neighbourhood Energy Efficiency Project’s canvassing events are already approved and don’t require income verification.

NERCR’s Energy Efficiency Advocate, Deborah Epps, can assist residents with every step of the application process. This includes filling out application forms, gathering required documents from homeowners and tenants, and meeting with the contractors doing the work.

For more information and to get started, you can reach Deborah Epps by phone at 431-554-0506 or by email at deborah@necrc.org.

2022 Exterior Home Improvement Program (EHIP) Grants

The Exterior Home Improvement Program (EHIP) Grant aims to improve a property’s exterior quality, safety and appearance. The William Whyte Neighbourhood Association (WWNA), in partnership with North End Revitalization Incorporated (NERI) and the City of Winnipeg, are pleased to offer the grant program in the William Whyte community.

DEADLINE: May 31,2022 @4:30 PM 

Housing Programs for Homeowners, Landlord, & Tenants:

Housing Programs and Resources List Feb 2019

City of Winnipeg Minimum Home Repair Program (MHRP) (currently not-running): 

https://winnipeg.ca/ppd/ programs_MHRP.stm

NECRC would also like to thank the City of Winnipeg for providing the funding to allow for the continuation of Exterior Home Improvement Program grants within the City designated North End Housing Improvement Zone (HIZ) communities of William Whyte and North Point Douglas

Funders for the Housing Department: