Significance of integrated design of glass curtain wall LED display and lighting lighting

With the development of economy and technology, people have higher and higher aesthetic requirements for environmental art design. They not only hope to enjoy the city scenery during the day, but also enjoy the scenery at night. Urban lighting has become an indispensable part of environmental art design. design elements.

Through good light conversion and building lighting display, the combination of glass curtain wall Outdoor Soft LED Mesh Display display and lighting lighting can enhance the inner emotion of the building, bring people a visual impact, and make the building more ornamental. The editor of this article will explain to you the significance of the integrated design of glass curtain wall LED display and lighting.

For urban buildings, the glass curtain wall is a form of expression of the building’s outer structure. Looking around, we can easily find the glass curtain wall. The glass curtain wall enriches the connotation of urban architecture and expands people’s horizons.

Glass curtain wall LED display and lighting are important components of urban building lighting. The glass curtain wall LED display is a kind of LED display with high permeability installed on the glass curtain wall. It does not affect the lighting and viewing sight of the building during the day, but also has a transparent display effect and can be played on the glass. Commercial advertisement or city publicity information. Lighting is an indispensable part of building lighting. The dots of dots make the night view of the building’s facade more beautiful, reflecting the prosperity of the entire city.

The glass curtain wall LED display and lighting complement each other. By allocating resources and making full use of the relationship between light and shadow, the building has a stronger visual impact and integrates gorgeous brilliance into modern buildings. Basically, the infinite extension of commercial display life has been completed. Appropriate lighting design can eliminate many defects caused by poor construction in the original building while ensuring the integrity of the external space, thus meeting the key requirements of the LED curtain wall.

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