The Collective Impact of NRC’s and NRC Profile Report




The Coalition of Manitoba Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (CMNRC) is excited to share this report highlighting our successes and collective impact across the Province.


Manitoba has one of the most promising models for community development in North America. Through the collective efforts of the CMNRC and in partnership with the Province, we have developed a long term community led development model that empowers residents to create healthy and sustainable communities.


The CMNRC was created in 2011 to bring together the thirteen Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (NRC) from across the Province. It was designed to provide a venue for NRCs to work collaboratively on planning, projects and initiatives of common interest. It has also become an important voice for the neighbourhoods and residents.  Each NRC takes a homegrown approach, as directed by their communities and have demonstrated that local decision making is the key to ensuring the success of programs and projects.     Collectively, we measure our success through four key areas: community led development, NRC’s as job creators, funds leveraged in the community and engaging community volunteers. Some of our highlights include:

  • 558,027 community members engaged
  • $30,963,163 leveraged in housing
  • 1226 jobs created
  • 54,281 families engaged


The CMNRC recognizes the need to review the current Community Development Strategy.  We believe that we can help to inform the conversation and our report aims to be the foundation of a partnership with the new Manitoba Government.  Our members remain committed to serving our communities and look forward to working with all of our stakeholders, funders, residents and the new Manitoba Government.


Full report available below.


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