The Top priority of the North End 5 Year Community Plan is Youth!

Building An Arts & Culture Centre In The North End: Summary Launches

MEDIA RELEASE October 25, 2017 For Immediate Release BUILDING AN ARTS & CULTURE CENTRE IN THE NORTH END: SUMMARY LAUNCHES Winnipeg, MB –As a result of the consultations for the most recent North End Community Development Plan, the need for an Arts and Culture Centre in the North End was identified as a priority project. In late 2016 and early 2017 the North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) worked closely with community members and partners to establish the projects initial design, including centre’s vision, mission, guiding principles and the framework for a Five-Year Strategic Plan. This will provide clear direction and shape with guidance from our community, the Artists this centre will serve, and Arts organizations. Dawn Sands, executive director of NECRC is excited about the project’s potential. “Art and culture contribute greatly to the wellbeing of communities and creating a vibrant arts scene is integral to the North End’s revitalization goals. Winnipeg’s North End is home to Canada’s largest Urban Indigenous population as well as many new Canadians. Using a lens of art and culture as part of our community-led renewal efforts, offers a wonderful opportunity for us to foster meaningful and respectful relationships and rejuvenate our community together.” The summary is a snapshot of the work being done by the community through NECRC, and its intention is to attract some more capacity to the committee to move the project forward, and potential funders to continue the work of the project coordinator. “This centre will be the first of its kind in Winnipeg, and will serve as a beacon for Artists who feel disenfranchised from the Arts community.... read more

July 29, 2016, Winnipeg Free Press – Local Article North End: Plaza of dreams

North End’s iconic Selkirk Avenue to become meeting place again “It took almost a decade, a determined group of residents, non-profits and city departments, and a little bit of luck. So in a way, the birth of the revamped Powers Plaza –  its first two phases are expected to be finished this year, the third by next summer – is also a resounding statement about resilience and evolution.” Article Copy: Plaza of dreams – Winnipeg Free Press Full article: By: Melissa Martin Posted: 07/29/2016 5:28 PM| Last Modified: 07/29/2016 9:43 PM | Comments:... read more

2016 July 27, Winnipeg FreePress The Times: NECRC and Bridge the Gap Social Media Contest Article

A North End project, “Bridge the Gap Winnipeg”, is partnering up with the North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) to give a deserving organization a $2,000 grant through a social media contest. Article copy: 2016 Summer Contest helps North End youth Full online news article: By: Ligia Braidotti Posted: 07/25/2016 9:27 AM | Comments:... read more

The North End Youth Website

A strong, proud, and supported collective youth voice in the North End

The North End Youth Council is committed to providing opportunities for meaningful engagement, that give young people a chance to raise their voice and inform the broader community of what they see as most important—now & in the future is a central website for youth to find what is happening in the NE so that we can keep our youth motivated and informed. There are 5 Main Categories of They provide a wide range of information, links and assistance with many issues in the North End. The categories   are; Careers & Learning, Health Family & Safety, North End Youth Council, Sports & recreation and Neighbourhood Places.

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Food Matters’ Manitoba’s Our Food Our Health Our Culture Program (in partnership with North End Food Security Network) faciliaties cooking classes and food skills programs for youth at partnering agencies (Winnipeg Boys & Girls Clubs, Ralph Brown Community Centre, Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre, and Wayfinders Manitoba). All programs are focused on teaching youth cooking and life skills, health and nutrition, and working with traditional foods as a way to connect youth to their our own culture and those of their friends and neighbours.


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Recreation and Wellness

In 2014 the Recreation and Wellness committee began as  the LiveSafe Recreation Steering Committee. LiveSafe had representation from the City of Winnipeg, William Whyte Residents Assoc., Dufferin Residents Assoc, St. John’s Residents Assoc., Aboriginal Vision, North End Youth and NECRC. We continue working on addressing Recreational and Leisure needs for the North End. In June 2014, Darryl Bruce left NECRC for other endeavors. We would like to thank Darryl Bruce for his contribution towards improving recreation services in the North End. In September, 2014, we welcomed Andrew Sannie as the new LiveSafe Recreation Facilitator. He has continued working on existing Recreation activities and new initiatives based on community needs and priorities as the North End Wellness Recreation Liaison.

North End Rec Plan Implementation of North End Rec plan has continued with focus on several major initiatives in the Point Douglas area. The North End Hockey Program is off to another successful season, boasting 150 active and participating youth on nine different teams. 2015 will see the implementation of a few new facilities in the process of development; there are three major projects either in early to mid-development or planning, these include: Machray Park redevelopment planned for 2015, Powers Park redevelopment planned for 2015 and a proposed BMX Park still in planning.

21 Block Inventory Following the completion of last year’s 21 Block Area Recreation Inventory Report, the LiveSafe Recreation Facilitator is now in the ‘Next Steps’ phase, following up on the concerns outlined in the report: cost, transportation, safety and communication/visibility. He is working with local resident to address these concerns by developing “Made in the North End solutions through attending community and resident association meetings. To date, he has met with Dufferin and St John RA’s as well as Aboriginal Visioning for the North End’s Volunteer Leadership Team.

North End Recreation and Leisure Fund The LiveSafe Recreation committee is now in the process of creating a small grant to be administered to the 11 Point Douglas communities. The purpose of the grant is to provide small amounts of funds to help facilitate and initiate recreation opportunities for North End residents. Total amount of the fund is $5,000.

Fillable North End Recreation & Leisure Fund Form

North End Recreation & Leisure Fund Guidelines

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