About Us

The North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1998 through collaborative efforts among various community organizations in Winnipeg. Our mission is to foster economic, social, and cultural renewal in the North End of Winnipeg, which encompasses nine partner neighborhoods: William Whyte, St. John’s, Dufferin, Lord Selkirk Park, Inkster-Faraday, Robertson, Burrows Central, Luxton, and North Point Douglas. At NECRC, we are dedicated to promoting equity and inclusion for all residents, including Indigenous peoples, newcomer communities, and low-income Manitobans.

We actively work towards promoting a diverse workforce that reflects the North End community, allowing us to better understand and respond to the unique needs and perspectives of north end residents. Additionally, NECRC is committed to addressing the needs of newcomer communities, providing support and resources to foster a healthy community.

NECRC is dedicated to supporting all low-income Manitobans, regardless of background, by providing access to essential services and resources. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where all residents can thrive and contribute to the ongoing renewal of the North End community. Additionally, NECRC is committed to responding to the 94 calls to action outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, actively engaging in initiatives aimed at reconciliation, healing, and building stronger, more inclusive communities.

Our Pillars

NECRC operates on the foundation of several core pillars, each essential for fostering sustainable community development and revitalization. These pillars serve as guiding principles for initiatives aimed at improving the economic, social, and physical aspects of our community neighborhood.

Truth and Reconciliation: Increase Cultural Awareness and Cultural Activities/ Programming related to Truth and Reconciliation.

Increase Affordable and Adequate Housing: As measured by physical improvements to inadequate housing, increased development of affordable housing units, increase resources for residents experiencing homelessness, and better communcation between property owners and tenants.

Increase Economic Development: As measured by labour market participation rates, job creation, training/employment preparation, adult education opportunities, increase in job for youth transitioning into the workforce and increase in childcare options for working parents. This pillar focuses on initiatives that stimulate economic growth, entrepreneurship, and workforce development within the community.

Improve Neighbourhood Safety: As measured by reductions in crime including fire/arson improved security measures such as  Safety is a fundamental aspect of neighborhood renewal, as residents need to feel secure in their homes and communities. This pillar involves strategies for crime prevention, community policing, neighborhood watch programs, street lighting and community safety walks. Thus, creating environments that deter criminal activity and promote social cohesion.

Increase Access to Recreation and Wellness Opportunities: As measured by improvements to parks and greenspace, increase in after-school activities going on in the community and reduce barriers such as transportation and access to proper recreation equipment. This pillar includes initiatives that promote physical and mental health, access to healthcare services, healthy lifestyles, and social support networks.

Increase Food Security: As measured by increased access to affordable, healthier food options and increase of food hampers/meal programs.

By addressing these pillars comprehensively and holistically, neighborhood renewal initiatives can create vibrant, inclusive, and resilient communities where residents can thrive and enjoy a high quality of life.




Board of Directors

2023/2024 NECRC/NERI Board of Directors




Rylee Nepinak
Michael Redhead Champagne
Vice Chair*
Fearless R2W
Ashley Pankiw
Member @ Large
Member at Large
Alexis Tachnak
Haven Stumpf
Urban Circle Training Centre
Mary Burton
Resident 1 of 3
Wayne McIntosh
Spiritual – tbc
Sheldon Bayer
Median Credit Union
Ricky Ann Nepinak
Ma Mawi
Jeremy Raven
Whistling Wind Action Therapy
Alana Ollinger
CEDA Pathways
Arthur Gunn

* Board of Directors for NERI

The Board of Directors may be comprised of no more than thirteen (13) Directors, 12 (12) of whom shall be elected from the organizational class of membership.  At least one position will be delegated form each of the categories of organizational membership, except for the Residents’ organizations which will be represented in at least 3 positions, as follows: 1 Indigenous organization, 1 Business member, 1 Community service organization, 1 Labour organization, 1 Religious or Fraternal organization, 1 Residents organizations, and 4 Directors from any group.

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