NERI Small Grant Fund

Small Grant Fund (SGF)

The North End Revitalization Inc. in partnership with the North End Community Renewal Corporation and Neighborhoods Alive! Province of Manitoba, has established a Small Grants Fund in the amount of $150,000 per year. The SGF operates on a fiscal year from April 1 to March 31st annually. All funds must be spent, and reports submitted to NERI no later than the third week of March each year. Exact deadlines will be stated clearly on your approval letter. The SGF supports smaller community based projects that focus on capacity building activities and respond to the priorities identified in the North End Five Year Community Plan (2016-2021).

Who can apply?

The SGF is available to local groups and organizations within the William Whyte, Lord Selkirk Park, Point Douglas, St. John’s and Dufferin neighborhoods. Organizations who reside outside these areas, but provide service within these communities may also apply.


Type/ Size of Grants:

Individual Applications:

Organizations can apply under an Individual application up to $5,000 per year, with a maximum amount per application of $2,500.

Partnership Applications:

Is where 2 or more organizations join together to apply for funds for a particular project/activity.

Eligible costs include:

  • Project supplies/equipment, venue rental, advertising, food, beverages
  • Honorariums (single payment/ compensation for contribution to an event)
  • Short term contracts/wages (e.g.: summer/seasonal employment)

Cost that are not eligible:

  • Ongoing wages and administration fees
  • Large scale capital projects
  • Payment for stipends for participation
  • Activities that solely benefit private or individual gain

North End Five Year Community Plan (2016-2021)

NECRC’s mission is to promote the social, economic and cultural renewal of the North End of Winnipeg. NECRC defines its goal through community consultations and ongoing networking with North End residents, organizations and businesses. The Corporation had completed the North End Five Year Community Plan which involved meeting with 150+ community residents/stakeholders, and the completion of 485 surveys which identified 5 priority areas for renewal

Improve neighbourhood capacity/ empowerment:

(Supporting education, programs for youth, seniors, men; community building, information sharing, improving perception of the north end and enhancing cultural competency)

Improving housing condition:

(More affordable, safe, quality housing; improving relationships with landlords, bylaw enforcement; preserve and improve existing housing; equitable access to housing, anti-racism, discrimination)

Increase economic development activity:

(Completion of Merchants Corner; support social enterprise and co-op development; promote and support existing and new business development; improve image of NE business districts; a better selection of grocers & other retailers; support local hiring and assistance to find jobs; improve financial services for residents)

Improve safety conditions.

(improving relations with WPG Police; more community patrols; incorporating CPTED principles in community planning, programing for youth, especially in the evening; improving crime prevention programing)

Increase access to recreation and wellness opportunities.

 (More affordable/accessible program options/ opportunities for youth; programing for seniors; development of a North End Wellness Strategy; create a North End Cultural Centre; more affordable day care options).


Small Grants Application

Small Grants Brochure

Budget Template

Reporting Template